MUSIC, YOGA & BOOZE: Music with a Bang, What’s So Special About ‘Om’ and Which Grape Was Resurrected?

MUSIC, YOGA & BOOZE: Music with a Bang, What’s So Special About ‘Om’ and Which Grape Was Resurrected?

Tank and the Bangas | The sound of everything | #1 place to avoid a plague Dance of the Muses by Anael Music A Rollercoaster Ride   Have you ever fallen in love with something that equally baffles and intrigues you? Encountering it, you don’t quite understand what you’re seeing but that doesn’t even matter; what…

MUSIC, YOGA & BOOZE: What’s Inside the Cluster?

MUSIC, YOGA & BOOZE: What’s Inside the Cluster?

Is there a remedy for strange days, when is silence loud and does bubblegum go with wine? John William Waterhouse Music Strange Days Have you ever felt like your parents didn’t prepare you well enough for all of the bullshit? Not that they or anyone can, but damn if it’s not frustrating. Whatever your beliefs, these…

MUSIC, YOGA & BOOZE: Shifting Perspective

MUSIC, YOGA & BOOZE: Shifting Perspective

Who is The Broadway Baby; do broken bones mend the soul and what do Romeo & Juliet have to do with wine? Follies (by Stephen Sondheim) MUSIC The Broadway Baby Have you ever listened to something, decided you don’t like it and then revisited it years later and realized it’s amazing? That’s how I feel about Sondheim.…;+Worship+of+Dionysos

MUSIC, YOGA & BOOZE: 3 Universal Languages: Music, Yoga & Wine

                                                                     Gustav Klimt Music is so powerful it can have us laughing at grief; yoga can break down all barriers between us…

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(Post by Nanci Hemminger) Awhile ago I lead the Enology Club from Northrup through a tasting of several Champagnes and other sparkling wines. In preparation I researched the wines I would be pouring and also delved into the fascinating history of Champagne. This is what I learned…

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MUSIC, YOGA & BOOZE: 3 Essentials For a Better Life

(Post by Alyssa Barron) Who am I and why do I care so much about Music, Yoga & Booze? Music: I’m a professional singer and particular yet avid music lover Yoga: I’m a yoga practitioner and teacher Booze: Because WINE. Also, I’m a wine seller and Level 1 Sommelier… but who’s keeping score? Music has…

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Champagne 101

Sparkling wine is, well, wine that has carbon dioxide added to make it fizzy, during a secondary fermentation.  Of course the most well known example of sparkling wine comes from France (so do French bulldogs but I won’t hold that against ‘em) and is known as Champagne, a sparkling wine that is made in the…

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Baker the bougy wine dog on Chardonnay, Pinot, and Burgundy

The Region: Burgundy Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. ‘Nuf said. Unless you’ve been under a rock or drinking Colt 45 since you were 12, you know these two grapes. They are the two main grapes of Burgundy (if you’re lookin’ at a bottle of French wine don’t be confused by the term “Bourgogne”-its’ just the French…


A Short History of the Universe (of California Wines)

The Spanish were the first winemakers in California-they planted vineyards along with each mission they built. Well, I mean…you need wine for communion, right? For the most part they planted what has become known as the “mission grape”. The Gold Rush (1849) brought an influx of winos and hence a new demand for wine; it…


Mark’s Paso Trip

We headed out from the South Bay on a beautiful morning in search the perfect zinfandel. Instead of going someplace close like Uncorked, I was headed up to Paso Robles to meet some friends for a weekend of wine tasting, in the town where I first learned to drink wine. Well, I already knew how…


Wine Basics 1: Most Popular American Varietals

Most of the wines in America that we’re familiar with originated in Europe, mainly France. The difference between wines in the United States and France is a question of varietal vs. Terrior. Did I lose you? Let me explain. In the United States we often identify wine by the varietal (type of grape: Chardonnay, Merlot…


A little something about Pinots

Maya: You know, can I ask you a personal question, Miles? Miles Raymond: Sure. Maya: Why are you so in to Pinot? Miles Raymond: [laughs softly] Maya: I mean, it’s like a thing with you. Miles Raymond: [continues laughing softly] Miles Raymond: Uh, I don’t know, I don’t know. Um, it’s a hard grape to grow, as you know. Right?…