MUSIC, YOGA & BOOZE: 3 Essentials For a Better Life

(Post by Alyssa Barron)

Who am I and why do I care so much about Music, Yoga & Booze?

Music: I’m a professional singer and particular yet avid music lover

Yoga: I’m a yoga practitioner and teacher

Booze: Because WINE. Also, I’m a wine seller and Level 1 Sommelier… but who’s keeping score?

Music has been the love of my life and should be yours, too. My taste isn’t exactly hard core. It varies from blues to jazz, musical theatre to folk. Honestly, I’m often listening to classical, (Mozart is top of my list for who I’d most want to have dinner with), but I also can’t resist the occasional Nicki Minaj ditty. I’m classically trained. Can sing without blowing out a lit candle like a badass. I’m also a professional singer/songwriter in all of the genres heretofore listed, (although not the likes Ms. Minaj… not enough of a badass for that).

Yoga encompasses health, spirituality, philosophy: it’s a way of life that affects absolutely everything. Therefore, it’s my license to go over all over the shop. Anything goes! I teach yin and restorative yoga mostly, with the occasional sadomasochistic hot class involving lots of screaming and sweat. I also co-lead Kirtan classes and host Science of Sound workshops, addressing the health benefits of chanting and meditation. It’s oh so good for you. Science says so.

Let’s be clear. For me booze = wine. My liquid love. Red, pink or white. Or orange. Flat or sparkling (spumante) or subtlety fizzy (frizzante). Like pansexual, I’m panvino. Anything but the cheap shit. That’s not to say you can’t buy great wine cheaply. Or even great cheap wine. I’ve had some amazing bottles for just a few pounds sterling when I lived in England. Don’t ask me to say what: it was a long time ago and I was drinking. But it was most certainly French. Lastly: If I’m such a wino, then why not Music, Yoga & Wine? you ask… because limitations are so droll! And who doesn’t love a good margarita?

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